A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

General Health Camp in Jamboti Village

“Lok Kalp Foundation along with KLE Ayurvedic Hospital Belgaum have conducted General health camp in Jamboti on 9th January 2023.Jamboti is one of large villages and is moderately populated. KLE Ayurvedic Doctors Dr.Sunidhi, Dr.Kumar,Dr.Nikita, Dr.AShwarya Magdum, Dr.Omkar Khatkar, Dr.Swapnalika, Mr.Shridhar K, Mr.Narayan conducted the camp. The people were checked for any ailments and medicines were distributed to them for free of cost.

Medicines were provided by Lok Kalp Foundation. Lok Kalp Foundation’s volunteers MR.Santosh Kadam, Mr.Surajsingh Rajput, Mr.Pritesh Potekar, Mr.Anant Gawade were present for the event. 
Nearly 190 people attended the camp. The efforts taken by the KLE Ayurvedic Hospital and Lok Kalp Foundation was appreciated by the people”.