A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Eye Camp in Amboli Village

On May 29, 2023, a significant collaboration between Netradarshan Eye Hospital, a unit of Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Belgaum, and the Lok Kalp Foundation took place in Amboli Village. This collaboration resulted in an eye camp aimed at providing free eye screenings and addressing cataract-related issues within the community. With approximately 48 patients receiving eye check-ups, this initiative played a vital role in improving eye health accessibility and promoting awareness about cataract prevention and treatment.

The Importance of Eye Camps: Eye camps are instrumental in identifying and addressing vision-related problems in individuals. They provide essential eye screenings, detect eye conditions, and offer necessary treatments.  By conducting such camps, healthcare professionals can identify cataracts, which are a leading cause of vision impairment, and provide appropriate intervention, including cataract surgeries.

With their team of skilled ophthalmologists, advanced technology, and commitment to patient-centered care, Netradarshan Eye Hospital has been at the forefront of promoting eye health in the region.

The Lok Kalp Foundation organization committed to serving underprivileged communities and bridging the healthcare gap. The foundation focuses on providing medical services, education, and resources to 32 villages adopted by Founder and Chairman Shri Kiran Thakur Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-Op Society Ltd.   Lok Kalp Foundation aimed to extend its reach and provide free eye screenings and cataract-related services to individuals who may not have had access to such facilities otherwise.  The camp not only offered free eye check-ups but also focused on raising awareness about cataract prevention and treatment and will be providing free spectacles.

Lok Kalp Foundation’s volunteers and official staff Mr. Pritesh Potekar, Mr. Santosh Kadam, & Ms. Suhasini Pednekar.  Eye doctors Ms. Airaff, Optometrist and Mr. Vishal, Counselor were present and village members who appreciated the camp.