A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Lok Kalp Foundation and Care For You Foundation Collaborate to Distribute Biscuits in Remote Forest Areas

Jamboti, Habanhatti, Kusmali, Kalmani, Devachihatti, Amte, Golyali, Betne, Kankumbi, and Handikopwada, nestled deep within the forest, are remote villages that often lack access to basic amenities. Recognizing the need to support the education and well-being of the children in these communities, Lok Kalp Foundation’s volunteer Mr. Santosh Kadam and Ms. Suhasini Pednekar joined hands with Care For You Foundation’s Ms. Sheetal Bhandari and Gauri Gajbar. Together, they embarked on a noble mission to distribute 3600 biscuit boxes on June 6, 2023, to the high schools and primary schools Kannada and Marathi both in these villages. This initiative aimed to provide sustenance to the students and promote education in the region.