A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Donation of Chalk Boards, Water Filter, Carrom Boards and Chess Boards

Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd, a beacon of social responsibility, proudly announces the successful adoption of 32 villages in Khanapur Taluka, Belgaum, as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative through the Lok Kalp Foundation.

Under the able guidance of Shri Kiran D. Thakur, the Founder and Chairman of Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd, the Lok Kalp Foundation has made significant strides in enhancing the educational infrastructure and overall development of these 32 villages. A noteworthy contribution to this endeavor is the donation of Green Magnetic Chalk Boards to various government schools in the region.

On December 18, 2023, the Lok Kalp Foundation generously donated the following educational resources to government schools in the adopted villages:

Bailur: 2 Green Magnetic Chalk Boards.

Chigule: 1 Green Magnetic Chalk Board.

Maan: 1 Green Magnetic Chalk Board.

Kalmani: 1 Green Magnetic Chalk Board and 1 Water Filter (32 liters).

Betane: 1 Green Magnetic Chalk Board.

Habanhatti: 1 Green Magnetic Chalk Board.

Parwad: 2 Big Carrom Boards and 2 Big Chess Boards.

These contributions aim to create a conducive learning environment for students, fostering academic excellence and overall development in the region. The Green Magnetic Chalk Boards not only enhance the quality of education, but also contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the educational sector.

The Lok Kalp Foundation remains committed to its mission of empowering communities through various initiatives that focus on education, healthcare, and overall socio-economic development.