A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Chess Board Donated By Lok Kalp Foundation

In the realm of intellectual sports, chess stands as a beacon of strategic thinking, patience, and skill. At Hemadga School, these qualities were on full display as the chess competition unfolded, culminating in a successful event that showcased the students’ prowess on the chessboard.

The Event:

The Hemadga School Chess Competition was a highly anticipated event, bringing together students from various grades and backgrounds. Organized with meticulous planning, the competition aimed not only to foster a spirit of healthy competition but also to promote critical thinking and analytical skills among the participants.

The Competition:

The chess competition witnessed intense matches that showcased the students’ dedication and passion for the game. From opening gambits to endgame tactics, the participants displayed a deep understanding of the intricate strategies that make chess a game of both skill and intellect and overall a good Response from the students.