A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

General Health Camp at Gawali Village

In a remarkable initiative aimed at promoting community health and well-being, Lokkalp Foundation, in collaboration with KLE Ayurvedic Belgaum, organized a General Health Camp on January 19, 2024. The event, held at a local community center, brought together healthcare professionals and volunteers to provide essential medical services to the residents of Gawali Village, Khanapur Taluka, Belgaum.

The health camp, a testament to the collaborative spirit between Lokkalp Foundation and KLE Ayurvedic College, offered a range of services designed to assess and address the health needs of the attendees around 70.  Among the services provided were general health consultations, where experienced doctors from KLE Ayurvedic Belgaum offered expert medical advice and guidance to the visitors.

One of the key aspects of the camp was the screening of vital health parameters.  Attendees had their blood pressure (BP) and Random Blood Sugar (RBS) levels checked, providing valuable insights into their cardiovascular and metabolic health. Regular monitoring of these parameters is crucial for preventing and managing various health conditions, and the camp aimed to create awareness about the significance of these routine checks.

Lokkalp’s Corporate Social Responsibility department person Mr. Surajsingh Rajput was present and volunteers Mr. Santosh Kadam, Mr. Anant Gawade, and Mrs. Suhasini Pednekar were present.  KLE Ayurvedic doctors team Dr. Divya, Dr. Uttam, Dr. Bagmi,Dr. Samarth, Dr. Mounesh, Dr. Tanya, & Mr. Shridhar PRO were present.