A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

General Health Checkup camp at Maan village

The health camp aimed to provide essential medical services and consultations to the residents of Maan Village, focusing on improving their overall health and well-being. Through the combined efforts of Lok Kalp Foundation and Venugram Hospital, we were able to offer a range of services, including medical consultations and health check-ups, with a particular emphasis on monitoring vital parameters such as Random Blood Sugar (RBS) levels and Blood Pressure (BP). 

The event witnessed an overwhelming response from the community, with a significant 60 attendees of villagers availing themselves of the medical services provided.  Furthermore, in line with Lok Kalp Foundation’s commitment to serving the underserved, we provided free medicines to all attendees, ensuring that they have access to the necessary treatments to manage their health conditions effectively.  The success of this health camp would not have been possible without the invaluable support and cooperation extended by Venugram Hospital. Their expertise and resources greatly enhanced the quality and impact of the services we were able to deliver to the residents of Maan Village.

Lok Kalp Foundation corporate-1 official staff person Mr. Prasad Asukar and volunteer Mr. Anant Gawade were present.  Venugram Hospital Jagdish Belgavkar, PRO, Mr. Yogesh Deshpande,  Dr. Aishwarya, and Dr. Alka nursingh staff who were present for the camp and checked RBS(random blood sugar), BP(blood pressure), and given free medicines for the Maan village by Lok Kalp Foundation and the same villagers were appreciated.