A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Health Camp in Handikoppwada, Khanapur Village

KLE Ayurvedic, renowned for its commitment to holistic healthcare hosted a comprehensive health camp in the heart of Handikoppwada, nested within the serene forests of khanapur. The camp was held on 18th April 2024 witnessed a turn out of 40 individuals eager to prioritize their well being.

Attendees were provided with thorough health assessments, including screenings of blood pressure, blood sugar ailments and other common aliments.Alongside the screenings, participants received personalized consultations from experienced Doctors.
In Line with our ethos of accessibility to healthcare, attendees were generously supplied with free medications tailored to their individual health needs. KLE Ayurvedic doctors Dr.Ajay, Dr.Meghana, Dr.SudarshanP, Dr.Balaji along with Lok Foundations staff Mr.Pritesh Potekar, volunteer-Mrs Suhasini Pednekar were present for the camp.