A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Donated school benches in kusmali Village

On June 3, 2024 , Union Bank of India Collaborates with Lok Kalp Foundation to Donate School Benches in Kusmali Village

The donation event was graced by several higher authorities from Union Bank of India, Belagavi region and Lok Kalp Foundation:

Shri M. N. Kulkarni, Regional Manager Belgaum LMCS Ltd.

Mrs. Arathi Ruorniyar

Assistant General Manager and Regional Head, Union Bank of India, Belagavi Region.

Mr. Anand Kamble Chief Manager Regional Office Belagavi Region

Mr. Nagraj Patil

Chief Manager, Regional Office, Belagavi Region

Mr. Pravin Kadam

Branch Manager, RPD College Road Branch

Mrs. Malini Bali, CSR Manager Lok Kalp Foundation.

Mr. Surajsingh Rajput, Snr Assisstant CSR Dept Lok Kalp Foundation and volunteers Mr. Santosh Kadam and Mr. Anant Gawde were present for the event

The representatives from the Union Bank of India emphasized the importance of such initiatives in enhancing the educational infrastructure in rural areas. Mrs. Arathi Ruorniyar highlighted the bank’s commitment to social responsibility and the development of underprivileged communities.

The Lok Kalp Foundation thanked the Union Bank of India for their generous contribution and support. The foundation’s representatives expressed their belief that providing better facilities will significantly impact the students’ learning experiences and future opportunities.

The event concluded with the distribution of the benches and a heartfelt appreciation from the school’s administration, students, Kusmali village SDMC committee, and Gram-Panchayat members were appreciated as same.