A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Distributed/Donated 100s of Solar Chargeable Lanterns

Lok Kalp Foundation, a CSR initiative by Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd, Founded and Chaired by Shri Kiran D. Thakur, has made significant contributions to the development and well-being of several villages. The foundation has adopted 32 villages and has actively distributed and donated hundreds of solar chargeable lanterns. This effort is aimed at improving the quality of life for the residents of these villages by providing reliable and sustainable sources of light due to less electricity in rainy season.  The villages that have benefited from this initiative includes Kankumbi, Gawali, Otoli, Amboli, Hulund, Handikopwada, Ghose, Kapoli, Chigule, Maan, Chorla, Talawde, Kalmani, Aamte, Betne, and Parwad villages.

These efforts reflect the commitment of the Lok Kalp Foundation CSR department Corporate Social Responsibility.  By providing solar chargeable lights/lanterns, they are helping to create a more sustainable and brighter future for these rural communities.