A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Eye Camp in Jamboti Village

On June 11, 2024, Lok Kalp Foundation and Dr. Agarwal’s Netradarshan Eye Hospital Conduct Eye Camp in Jamboti Village

Jamboti Village, Belgaum – In a commendable initiative aimed at enhancing eye care access in rural areas, the Lok Kalp Foundation has collaborated with Dr. Agarwal’s Netradarshan Eye Hospital to organize a free eye camp in Jamboti Village on June 11, 2024.  The event witnessed a significant turnout as villagers, young and old, gathered at the community center to receive comprehensive eye examinations and around 70 patients were checked.  The camp offered services including vision tests, cataract screenings, and glaucoma evaluations, among other essential eye care services.

The Lok Kalp Foundation, known for its dedication to community welfare, provided logistical support and facilitated the smooth conduct of the camp.  Volunteers from the foundation Mr. Anant Gawade and Mrs. Suhasini Pednekar assisted in registration, crowd management, and post-consultation guidance.  From Netradarshan Eye Hospital Mr. Uday, PRO (Public Relation Officer), doctors, and assisstant were present for the camp.  Beneficiaries of the camp expressed their gratitude and appreciated as well “I never thought I would get my eyes checked without traveling far,” said Ramabai, Jamboti village local resident. “This camp has been a blessing.”