A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

General Health Camp in Chorla village

Lok Kalp Foundation Collaborates with Venugram Hospital Belgaum for General Health Camp.

CSR Initiative by Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd Founder and Chairman Shri Kiran D. Thakur adopted 32 villages.

Lok Kalp Foundation, in partnership with Venugram Hospital, successfully organized a general health camp in Chorla Village on June 12, 2024. This initiative was supported by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd.

The health camp aimed to provide accessible healthcare services to the residents of Chorla Village and checked weight, blood pressure, random blood glucose, and around 60 peoples were attended the camp, where they received free medical consultations and medications provided by the Lok Kalp Foundation. The attendees expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the services rendered.

From Lok Kalp Foundation Mr. Surajsingh Rajput were present and volunteers Mr. Anant Gawade were present for the camp.  From Venugram Hospital Dr. Sushma Sutar, Nursing Staff Akshata, and PRO (Public Relation Officer) Mr. Jagdish Belgaumkar were present for the camp.

Such initiatives reflect the commitment of the organizing bodies to improve rural healthcare, accessibility, and contribute to the well-being of the community.