A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Lok Kalp Foundation Felicitates KLS IMER Directors, Professors, and Students

Lok Kalp Foundation Felicitates KLS IMER Directors, Professors, and Students Recognized for 32 adopted village Survey Project situated near Goa-Karnataka Border

With reference to the above mentioned subject matter, on June 29, 2024, Lok Kalp Foundation felicitated the directors, professors, and students of KLS Institute of Management Education and Research (IMER) for their outstanding work in conducting a comprehensive survey of 32 villages. These villages, adopted by the Lok Kalp Foundation, which are located in the deep remote forest areas near the Goa-Karnataka border.

The initiative was a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd., led by its visionary Founder and Chairman, Dr. Kiran D. Thakur. The project aimed to gather essential data to facilitate sustainable development in these underserved areas.

Mrs. Malini Bali CSR Manager address, praised the dedication, hard work, and honored individuals included the directors of KLS IMER, professors who guided the students, and the students themselves who undertook the challenging task of data collection in difficult terrains. “The efforts of the students and faculty members in navigating and surveying these remote regions are truly commendable. 

Lok Kalp Foundation Official staff Mrs. Malini Bali, CSR manager and Surajsingh Rajput felicitate KLE IMER director Dr. Arif Shaikh, Professor Shrirang Deshpande, students, and appreciation were given to all the dignitaries.