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Parth Breed, Who Scored 100% in 10th Grade Exams, Shares Success Story at Devrukh Interview

To achieve success in life, one must have a goal in mind, and hard work is equally important to achieve that goal. Confidence, determination, and perseverance are essential qualities that make success attainable. This was the opinion expressed by Parth Ketan Breed, who scored 100% marks in the 10th-grade exams, during an open interview held in Devrukh.

Parth Breed, a student of Meenatai Thackeray Secondary School in Sadavli, who scored 100% marks in the 10th-grade exams, was interviewed on Thursday by the Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society and Lokkalp Foundation. Journalist Vibha Kadam conducted the interview. The event took place grandly at the Shri Laxmi Narasimha Mangal Karyalaya in the city. Teachers and students seated in front of the stage were keenly watching what Parth had to say.

Speaking about his assured marks, Parth said, “After the half-yearly exams, I had created a chart of how many marks I needed to achieve in each subject. I planned accordingly, studied as per the plan, and success followed. I did not take any pressure during the exams. My family also supported me well. They never interrupted my hobbies along with my studies. Family support was very crucial for my success. It was due to their support that I scored 100% marks. I owe my success to my parents’ values. My mother used to help me study while cooking. I also studied diligently, and it will be very beneficial in my future life,” Parth said.