A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

National Tooth Brushing Day

The dental camp, organized under the joint efforts of Lok Kalp Foundation and KLE Dental College, witnessed an overwhelming response with around 110 enthusiastic attendees, including students of Kusamalli village government school and other participants from the local community.

The event, which coincided with National Tooth Brushing Day, served as an excellent opportunity to promote dental health awareness and hygiene practices. The collaborative efforts allowed us to reach a diverse audience, including students from various age groups.

During the dental camp, we were delighted to distribute toothpaste and brushes to 120 students, contributing to their oral health education and encouraging the adoption of regular brushing habits. The provision of these essential dental care items was made possible through the generous support and contributions from Lok Kalp Foundation and KLE dental college.

The dental professionals from KLE Dental College played a crucial role in conducting informative sessions, dental check-ups, and consultations.  The KLE dental college doctors team including Dr. Varkey NS, Dr. Prajakta Chavan, Dr. Kavitha R, Dr. Siva Shankari T, Dr. Divyanshi, Dr. Aatika, Dr. Amruta were present for the camp.  The Corporate Social Responsibility CSR department person Mr. Surajsingh Rajput and volunteers Mr. Santosh Kadam, Mr. Anant Gawade, and Mr. Suhas Pednekar were present for the camp and the Kusamalli village peoples and Government School Principals and teachers were appreciated as same.