A CSR initiative by Lokmanya

Clearing Vision, Lifting Spirits

Clearing Vision, Lifting Spirits: Lok Kalp Foundation Partners with Netradarshan Unit of Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital Tilakwadi for Cataract Care

In the realm of healthcare, few services are as transformative as restoring sight to those afflicted by cataracts. Amidst the noble pursuit of spreading light and hope, Lok Kalp Foundation has joined hands with the Netradarshan unit of Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital Tilakwadi to extend compassionate care to those in need.

Unveiling the Initiative:
The collaborative endeavor between Lok Kalp Foundation and the Netradarshan unit epitomizes a dedication to humanity’s well-being. With a shared vision of eradicating preventable blindness, this partnership strives to reach the marginalized sections of society, offering them access to high-quality cataract care services.

Catalyzing Change:
Cataracts, although treatable, often act as a barrier to individuals’ daily lives, hindering their ability to work, care for themselves, and partake in their communities. Through this initiative, Lok Kalp Foundation and the Netradarshan unit endeavor to not only restore sight but also uplift spirits, empowering individuals to reclaim their independence and dignity.